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Interpretation and Rectification OF ARPI - Contra Proferentem
By: Willis J. Watson
If a phrase in ARPI can have two or more sensible meanings, then the application of the rule known as "contra proferentem" will result in ...

Authorisation of the Insurer in the European Union
By: Willis J. Watson
Since the passing of the "Large Risks" directive on l July 1990, insurance policies have been able to be underwritten from an "establishment" in one ...

Will Your Current Courier Insurance Provide You With the Best Protection?
By: Eric Token
When we take out an insurance plan, regardless of what we are insuring, we will have identified a certain number of specific features that we ...

Contact Insurance - Consideration, Fronting
By: Willis J. Watson
Generally, consideration is not an issue which will concern the parties to ARPI. The premium passes from the assured and the insurer agrees to provide ...

Contact Insurance - Consideration, Fronting - A Working Example
By: Willis J. Watson
The "Tomboy Toy Company Inc." wished to purchase ARPI from "Calamity Insurance" to cover worldwide locations. Unfortunately, Calamity Insurance was not authorised throughout South America ...

Classification and Effect of Terms in ARPI - Condition Precedent
By: Willis J. Watson
If a clause in an insurance contract is clearly labelled as a condition precedent, then that clause must be performed before the reinsurer is obliged ...

Interpretation and Rectification OF ARPI - Implied Terms
By: Willis J. Watson
It is also possible that, on occasions, a court can look beyond the express terms of a contract to imply terms to fill a gap ...

Motor Fleet Insurance Facts
By: Eric Token
A motor fleet comprises three or more vehicles and, besides private drivers who own more than two cars, are distinguished as those cars belonging to ...

Insurance Fraud Investigation
By: Andrew B Cameron
Fraudulent insurance claims total 1.9 billion pounds a year and adds an average of 44 pounds to the annual cost paid by policyholders. An added ...

Eight Kinds of Insurance Never to Buy
By: Teddy Holz
You got to hand it to them, if nothing else, insurance companies are creative. Who else would come up with the idea of health insurance ...

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