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Traditional Intelligence Versus Emotional Intelligence
By: Emer Lavin
When I was at school intelligence was measured by the mark you achieved in a history test or a maths test. Some classmates were super ...

Healthy Curiosity
By: Emer Lavin
Curiosity is the desire to know about things. Being inquisitive is sometimes thought of as being nosey but it is great to have a healthy ...

Being Thankful When You Don't Feel Thankful
By: Steve Wickham
Everyone's experienced times when thankfulness runs awry. It's one thing to know gratitude is an 'ought to,' it's another entirely to feel that way. Jobs ...

It's Not Fair!
By: Alex Karydi
When life has hit us hard in all sorts of ways whether you have grown up poor, abused, abandoned, or hurt you have all the ...

Improving Reading Comprehension Part 1 - The Problem Created By Generalization
By: Howard S Berg
The world's fastest reader teaches how to improve reading comprehension. In this article he discusses problems created by writer's generalizing information.

Boredom - Is It Healthy?
By: Kikachukwu Chukwukuji
According to Chambers Dictionary tenth edition being bored is "a person, thing or activity that wearies; something that causes annoyance, a nuisance." Therefore, to be ...

7 Tips For New Year's Resolutions That Stick
By: Stuart Baldwin
80% of people fail in their New Year's resolutions before Jan 20th... make sure your in the other 20%. 7 simple, practical and usable tips ...

Wouldn't You Rather Be Lame?
By: Karan Trishool
I am obsessed with the idea of "lameness." Why is it that some people find certain things lame whereas others think that it's the coolest ...

Resolution Tips For 2011
By: Suzy O'Connor
Choose well. We feel that one of the keys to making successful New Years Resolutions is to aim for something that you really wish to ...

Accept The Truth
By: Scott Paradis
To succeed in life you must accept two seemingly paradoxical conditions. First, the master plan is beyond your knowing. And second, you are totally responsible ...

Learning to Trust Your Gut in Stressful Times
By: Lizzie Ducking
It is not always good to act upon the first thought that enters our head. We should be aware as to why we had it. ...

Self Questioning
By: Tiffany Sanchez
Have you ever wondered how you can get answers to your questions or can't get any answer to question or too many questions to answer? ...

Bad Job? Stop Whining and Take Action
By: Marti Diamond
What should you do if you find yourself unhappy with your job and complaining to friends and family, and perhaps even co-workers? As your mom ...

Love Is The Final Answer
By: Noah St. John
There are only two ways to go through life: coming from Love and coming from Fear. If you look around, it's easy to come from ...

The Secrets You Need To Know About Achieving Great Success In Life
By: Shawn Lim
If you want to be successful and achieve all the things that you want in your life, this will be the best article for you. ...

The Number One Reason People Fail To Accomplish Their Goals
By: Shawn Lim
Do you want to achieve all your goals and be successful in your life? Do you set goals, but fail to achieve them? If you ...

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