Thursday, March 29, 2012

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How To Prevent Blushing Needlessly
By: Trevor Johnson
Is it not normal to blush when you see your crush walking towards you or when your partner whispers some lovely things to you in ...

How to Make Your Own Natural Dandruff Home Remedy
By: Tonya L. Berryhill
Dandruff home remedy is the safest and most natural alternative to eliminating dandruff. Home remedies do not have active ingredients and other additives that can ...

You Are What You Eat Part 1: The Skinny on Diets
By: Kelcie Owens
What is a diet anyway? According to Webster's New World Dictionary, the first mentioned definition of the word "diet" is "what a person or animal ...

Achilles Bursitis
By: Gerald R Nevels
Achilles Bursitis needs to be treated early with rest and physician care, to prevent additional damage to the bursa. Find out what you need to ...

The Many Uses For an Ultrasound Machine
By: John Van Horn
More uses than ever exist for ultrasound machine equipment. In general, the machines are tools for ensuring a healthy pregnancy. This article discusses how the ...

Pollen Removing Air Purifiers - 5 Must Have Features
By: Debbie Davis
Being able to remove pollen from indoor space is vital. And choosing the right pollen air cleaner is as important as deciding on the components ...

5 Common Theories About What Causes Colitis
By: Albert Snow
What causes colitis is still a matter of much debate within the traditional medical community. Colitis is an inflammatory swelling of the large intestine -- ...

Can My Eating Pattern Affect My Weight Loss Goals?
By: Tim John Edwards
Losing weight and eating healthily can become very complicated. However, the basic facts are that we need energy to function (2000 - 2500 calories per ...

Whimsical Tree Spirits, Diet, and Exercise
By: Dick Bryant
I had a stroke watching the NCAA basketball tournament last year. It was like a right cross to the head. The cause was arterial blockage ...

Dust Off The Telephone To Increase Your New Gym/Health Club Membership Sales!
By: Matt V York
The telephone can be the key in your health club/fitness center to increasing new membership sales, increasing your gyms profit margin, increasing customer service and ...

Should Obese Older Adults in Health Care Communities Be Encouraged to Lose Weight?
By: Becky Dorner
The obesity epidemic challenges health care professionals who care for older adults. Our next great challenge in working with the nutritional needs of older adults ...

Mental Health Interventions
By: Jeremy Worthington
This article is about mental health interventions. It also touches on goal writing and understanding mental health disorders.

Change: You Are In Control
By: Joseph R. Byrd
Change can be a scary thing or change can be just what you need. Sometimes, change is both. There are few simple factors that can ...

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