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Chinese Herbs for Hemorrhoids
By: Emeka O Peters
Hemorrhoids are the extended and reddened veins in the rectal region. They can happen internally or bulge outside the rectum. Puffed up hemorrhoids occurs as ...

Are You Not Active Enough? Here Are 10 Signs
By: Cedric P Loiselle
The modern world encourages people to lead inactive lives. We rely on technology to do much of the work. You use the elevator instead of ...

Pure Fun Mini Trampoline Review
By: Matthew E Harrison
There is a fabulous new craze in home exercise that is bringing families together in fitness! The first thing you need to know is that ...

As Temperatures Rise, So Do Elderly Health Risks
By: Jeremy P Stanfords
During the summer, elderly people are more prone to the heat, which puts them at risk for heat-related illnesses. According to the Center for Disease ...

Curcumin and Its Many Health Benefits
By: Puneet Aggarwal
As early as 1970's, curcumin has already been widely used for the cure of simple injuries including blunt wounds, burns and ankle sprains. It was ...

5 Main Types of First Aid
By: Greg Garner
A first aid training course generally teaches you about the various techniques that can be used to save lives. These techniques and skills are to ...

5 Universal Precaution Measures to Prevent HIV Transmission
By: Greg Garner
Universal precautions are safety measures that are followed for the prevention of the spread of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and other bloodborne pathogens. All samples ...

Accidental Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens: 5 Reasons Why You Must Report It
By: Greg Garner
When you deal with needles and sharp instruments every day, even a small mistake on your part may cause accidents. For example, there are thousands ...

HIPAA Privacy Right of Patients: 5 Things You Should Know
By: Greg Garner
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has given a new dimension to the way a patient's confidential information is handled and used by ...

How to Perform CPR on a Child: 10 Steps
By: Greg Garner
The main goal of CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is to revive the heart. To perform CPR on another person, you need to be very confident ...

Negative Effects Of Coffee Consumption On Our Health
By: Ren Chats
Coffee consumption imposes far too many undesirable effects on our health. Yet it is a debatable issue. The stimulating ingredient in coffee is "caffeine", which ...

Digestive Health and Alcohol Consumption
By: Shallum I Orcullo
Alternative ways to take care with our digestive system when consuming alcohol. Explains the relationship between alcohol consumption and effects to our digestive system.

The Health Effects Of Good And Bad Cholesterol
By: John Crabtree
The human body needs cholesterol to function. The liver uses digested food to create nutrients. There are two different kinds of cholesterol, good and bad. ...

How To Lower Cholesterol With Ease
By: John Crabtree
Cholesterol is beneficial to the human body if consumed in the right proportions. You should therefore, avoid consuming foods that go beyond or under the ...

Identifying The Food To Lower Cholesterol
By: John Crabtree
For decades parents have encouraged their children to eat their vegetables and to snack on fruit rather than a cookie. Those sons and daughters who ...

The Dangers of Fluoride in Drinking Water
By: W Sides
Most of Americans have succumbed to the idea that fluoridation of their drinking water is a good thing. Like so many things "Corporate America" has ...

Helpful Tips for Parents of Children With Kidney Diseases
By: Oankar Kundan
Some helpful tips for parents whose child has recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Useful tips on going to the hospital for treatments ...

Superfood Algae Helps Reduce Body Fat
By: Chi Shun Chung
Chlorella, the highest known source of chlorophyll of any plant, has existed on earth over 2.5 billion years. This magical algae was first discovered due ...

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