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Kangen Water For Animals
By: Dianne Wandruff Hansen
Pets love ionized water because it is just like high mountain water...naturally ionized, naturally antioxidant. Farm animals love it. Vets love it because they so ...

What Should You Know About Hamster Illnesses
By: Emily Brock
Caring for your pet hamster also involves knowing how to detect hamster illnesses. If you see the following signs in your pet, you should consider ...

Good Hamster Names - 3 Ways to Find Popular Names For Your Pet Hamster
By: Michell Jones
When you first get your pet hamster, one of the first important things to do is finding good hamster names for him/her. There are many ...

Flea Removal - Prevent Flea Infestation With Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Naturally
By: Yoshiko Choy
Here are some key tips for flea removal helping you to prevent flea infestation and eventually achieve absolute flea extermination. Read on for more information. ...

Dwarf Hamster Ball Safety
By: George Grayson
The dwarf hamster ball is a key piece of equipment in caring for a dwarf hamster. If you have not used one before, there are ...

Natural Flea Control - How to Have a Flea-Less Pet
By: Ras Reed
Not many pet lovers are informed that it is very feasible to have flea-less pets. And the good news is that you don't have to ...

Guinea Pig Toys - Make Them Or Buy Them, Either Way You Should Have Some
By: Brian M Parker
There's a variety of things you can provide for them to play with. Things to play with keep them active and prevent boredom.

Dwarf Hamster Information
By: Dawn Morris
Dwarf hamster information is good to know. A smaller hamster gets between 2 to 4 inches depending on the type of dwarf hamster you get. ...

About Breeding Guinea Pigs
By: Jodi Adams
First off let me say that man people choose not to breed their guinea pigs simply because they do not have the money, time or ...

Buying Heartworm Medicine
By: Dave Tee
Heartworm medicine is a monthly topical or pill treatment designed to get rid of the juvenile stages of the heartworm. Administered monthly it will completely ...

Choosing Where to Buy Discount Frontline
By: Dave Tee
Where to buy discount Frontline can be confusing. All too often the claims of the cheapest prices online are unfounded. A simple price comparison often ...

Homecoming - Guinea Pig Care
By: Jodi Adams
The first couple of days that you bring your new guinea pig (s) to their new home, perhaps you'll be very tempted to pick ...

Baby Dwarf Hamsters - Development and Care
By: Russ Fleederman
Dwarf hamsters are perfect animals for those looking to have a sociable, cuddly, and small tinker toy of a pet. They usually vary from 4 ...

How to Care For a Rabbit
By: Rick Aspen
If you're thinking about adopting, or all ready have, a pet bunny, it's important to learn how to care for a rabbit. In this article ...

How to Take Care of Rabbits
By: Rick Aspen
When thinking about buying or raising rabbits, it's really important to learn how to take care of rabbits. They're not your typical house pet, although ...

Tularemia in Pets
By: Frank Will
Tularemia in pets is a relatively unknown bacterial disease, but it has been around for hundreds of years. It is not fatal in pets unless ...

Buying a Guinea Pig - Breeds
By: Gwen Garrett
Buying a Guinea Pig? Have you decided what breed to buy? Here are a few of the many breeds of Guinea Pig! From the English ...

Vital Facts For Ferret Breeders
By: Peter Dee
Breeding ferrets is not an easy task. If you were going to ask ferret breeders how it is breeding such a creature, they will usually ...

Pet Passport in Action - Travel From UK with Pets
By: Martin France
The Pet Passport Scheme is in place so that you can travel from the UK to warmer climates with your dog. You no longer have ...

What is the Best Price For Cheap Frontline?
By: Dave Tee
Anyone who treats for ticks or fleas knows that Frontline is the most effective treatment to use. Applied monthly it is easy and quick to ...

You Pay Too Much For Frontline Medicine
By: Dave Tee
If you use Frontline medicine then the chances are that you pay too much for it. You may believe that you have a god price ...

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