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What Causes Cancer - An Overview
By: Danielle Sage
What is cancer? Cancer is a disease distinguished by uncontrollable cell growth. Among 100 different cases of cancer, one is separated from the other by ...

Choosing a Cancer Support Group For Cancer Patients
By: Danielle Sage
Today, there are a number of cancer support groups for cancer patients. If you are suffering from breast cancer, liver cancer, tumor cancer or any ...

Alternative Cancer Treatments - Finding a New Way to Reduce the Pain
By: Danielle Sage
Have a look at the popular alternative cancer treatments. Here we highlight the role played by these treatments in alleviating the pain and trauma associated ...

The Ultimate Stage Cancer Can Reach
By: Danielle Sage
What is staging of a cancer? It is a classification that segregates the periodic effects of the cancer on a human body. With the help ...

Knowing When to Stop Treatment
By: Brenda Williams
When my grandfather was diagnosed with kidney cancer only a couple of years before I was born, there was little that the doctors could do ...

Complimenting Cancer Treatment With Hypnotherapy
By: D. Slater
When most people think about cancer they think about a disease that strikes suddenly and kills quickly. However were you aware that people develop cancerous ...

Is a Summer Diet Good For You?
By: Serg Born
At this time of year picnics and BBQs become very popular, weather permitting, and the summer months afford us a whole new style of eating ...

Complementary Therapies Can Help Combat Cancer Pain
By: Serg Born
Complementary therapies are not a replacement for standard medical pain control methods. They can work alongside conventional medicines to help control most types of cancer ...

How to Cut Your Cancer Risk by Two Thirds
By: Rick Brunting
Prevention is the name of the game. These tips should help you prevent cancer right away.

How to Shield Yourself Against Cancer
By: Rick Brunting
It's not all that difficult when you get right down to it. Foods that are bad for you include most meats, most prepackaged foods, most ...

Cancer Sniffing Dogs?
By: Mary Bodel
Yes, there are dogs that can detect cancer...some better than more sophisticated equipment. Lung cancer was the first to be tested, as it is done ...

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