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Teachers Say, 'I Haven't Time to Manage Behaviour!' - Big Mistake!
By: Liz Marsden
There are many myths about managing children's behaviour. Basically, there's a lot of nonsense spoken and written about managing kids in their school and home ...

Teaching to Learn OR Learning to Teach?
By: Alie Davis
After more than a year and half teaching kindergartners, I'm really starting to appreciate my job. It's taken me a while, because I'm not particularly ...

The Ground For Ongoing Formative Assessment - Good Materials and Good Teaching
By: James Dowcett
Supporting students who are not doing well in math is the reason my business. We develop and refine materials and methods that work for teachers ...

Rearranging Classroom Seating - A How To For First Time Teachers
By: Dominic Bartalino
You may find that one of the easiest methods of keeping your class in order is to simply change where students are sitting. There's the ...

Threatening the Class - Tips For First Time Teachers
By: Dominic Bartalino
Be careful when you threaten a class. You better be ready to back up your threats or your students will walk all over you.

The Pop Quiz - A How to Guide For First Time Teachers
By: Dominic Bartalino
Put the fear of God back into your students by hitting them with a pop quiz. Here's how to properly execute a surprise test in ...

Civil Services Examination - New Pattern
By: Aditi Malhotra
Civil services exams are one of the respectable exams. Each year, thousands of people take up this exam but only few are able to make ...

Successful Sign Language For Every Child
By: Ryan Coisson
Teaching sign language to any child, not only deaf children, will help raise their IQ, find ways to communicate socially without tantrums, and find confidence ...

Cuts in Education Make Clear the Need For a System Overhaul
By: Troy Alexander
Many are aware that California state cuts have been significant, and have made it tough for those in and around education. With districts across the ...

Lesson Planning - How to Design an Effective Curriculum
By: Vince Welsh
Lesson planning is an important component of education and the everyday function of a classroom. It is vital to the learning of your students.

Test Season - How to Prepare
By: Mary Bodel
While studying is a given in preparing for test season, there are other things that should be considered. Diet and stress relief are also important. ...

Benefits of Games to the Intellectual Development of Children
By: Satya Narayan Das
Did you know that playing games is beneficial to the intellectual development of your child? Most people think that playing games is a waste of ...

Dismissing a Teacher - Guide For School Administrators
By: Jurinsthea Smith
Being a school administrator is a serious job especially if you have a right in dismissing a teacher. Nonetheless, if you see the arguments and ...

Affordable High School Graduation Cap and Gown
By: Sudhajar Mangal
Graduation caps and gowns are quite expensive. Even if the school is renting them out, still the charges are high for family budget.

GED Exam - About Your GED Exam
By: Adronis Johnson
Sitting for a GED exam can be stressful and very involving, since it covers different subjects. You need to prepare well in each subject area ...

Best GED Exam Study Guide Content
By: Adronis Johnson
Using a GED exam study guide is a great way to prepare for your exam. This preparation material is an easy way to save time ...

GED Test Study Guide - Why You Need One
By: Adronis Johnson
There are several reasons why you need a GED test study guide to prepare for your exam. Many people who have used one successfully understand ...

GED Test - All You Need to Know Before Taking a GED Test
By: Adronis Johnson
For many individuals, taking a GED test is a great opportunity in their academic lives. This is because a GED is an equivalent of a ...

GED Practice - The Best Approach to GED Practice
By: Adronis Johnson
GED practice is absolutely essential if you want to pass the exam and earn your diploma. This is especially because the GED exam covers a ...

How to Become a Straight A Student - Instantly Improve Your Grades With These Ideas
By: Shane T Matthews
If you would like to be a straight A student, it does not take hour after hour of arduous homework and studying. All it takes ...

Christopher Columbus and the Arawak
By: Rebecca Stigall
It was just after midnight on October 12, 1492 that a 40-ish Christopher Columbus set foot in the America's on behalf of Ferdinand and Isabella, ...

Pennsylvania - A First-Round Finalist in the Race to the Top
By: Carol Josel
The federal government calls it the Race to the Top, and forty states and the District of Columbia tried out for it. Only 15 and ...

Lessons on Education and Learning in the 21st Century - Part 2
By: Robert Britt
Lifelong learning is the key to success. But one's view towards learning often is cemented during the formative years in a public education system. We ...

Dealing With Cell Phones in Class
By: Jennifer Dobson
Cell phones are becoming more and more popular and parents are starting to get them for their kids at younger at younger ages. While they ...

Study Shows That Highlighters Help Children Learn Better, Faster
By: Amin Ramjee
Educational organizations and schools are encouraged to benefit from ordering a wide selection of highlighters in different sizes to support the needs of children with ...

The History of the Pen and Writing
By: Amin Ramjee
Pens have been around for thousands of years. 4,000 B.C., ancient tribes of people used crude pens made from hollow straws, grass, reeds as pens. ...

Counting to Ten - Anger Management Tips For Teachers
By: Jennifer Dobson
Everyone has heard that if you are about to react in a way that you might regret, you just need to count to ten and ...

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