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Health and Wellness - The Miracle of Your Body
By: Ali Bierman
Your body is the most powerful computer in the world. It records absolutely every event that happens in your life - every little and every ...

Polycystic Kidney Disease
By: Anne Ahira
"Polycystic kidney disease" or "PKD" is a disease that is inherited and causes the development of multiple non-cancerous cysts that can occur throughout the body ...

The Treatments Available For Kidney Failure
By: Anne Ahira
The kidneys are vital organs within the body that are essential for sustaining life with their primary functions being to remove the waste products from ...

Glomerular Diseases - Glomerulonephritis and Glomerulosclerosis
By: Anne Ahira
Glomerular diseases are a group of several diseases which affect the glomeruli that are the tiny units located within the kidneys that are responsible for ...

Kidney Infection - Pyelonephritis
By: Anne Ahira
A kidney infection -which is known as pyelonephritis in the medical field - is a serious condition that requires immediate medical assistance because if it ...

An Overview of Kidney Stones Or Renal Lithiasis
By: Anne Ahira
The medical terminology for kidney stones is renal lithasis and is the most common type of urinary tract disorder that affects millions of individuals on ...

Lupus Nephritis - A Kidney Condition Caused by Lupus
By: Anne Ahira
Lupus nephritis or lupus glomerulonephritis is when an inflammation of the kidney occurs and is caused by the disease of the immune system called "systemic ...

MSK Or Medullary Sponge Kidney
By: Anne Ahira
"Medullary sponge kidney" or" MSK" is a medical condition that is present at birth and affects the tubules of the kidneys which are the tiny ...

Nephrotic Syndrome Caused by Kidney Damage
By: Anne Ahira
Nephrotic syndrome is actually a group of multiple symptoms that are caused by damage that has occurred to the glomeruli of the kidneys which are ...

Overactive Bladder Medical Guide
By: Anne Ahira
Individuals that experience an involuntary contraction of the main muscle that is within the wall of the bladder that is considered to be sudden may ...

Proteinuria Explained
By: Anne Ahira
Proteinuria is a condition where the urine output of an individual contains a large and abnormal level of protein. There are two other names that ...

Kidney Or Renal Cysts
By: Anne Ahira
While cysts - tiny sacs that contain fluid or liquid that may be semi-solid - can occur anywhere within the body, when the development of ...

Solitary Kidney Complications
By: Anne Ahira
While the kidneys perform many life sustaining functions within the human body, one of the primary functions of the kidneys is to filter the waste ...

Can My Dizziness Be Caused by Sinusitis?
By: Mary Elizabeth Robertson
This article discusses the anatomical and physiological correlates between dizziness and sinusitis. In particular the close proximity of the vestibular apparatus to the sinuses and ...

Causes For Blood in Feces
By: Mary Bodel
There are a lot of reasons you may have blood in your stool. Some are so minor, you may not even know it happens. Others ...

Managing Fatigue
By: Lucas Mattioneli
Fatigue can be easily obtained in the stressful realities of work. Therefore in order to ensure productivity at the workplace, a company must always have ...

Resilience - Do You Have What it Takes to Bounce Back After Illness?
By: Angela L. Carter
Do you know what it means to be resilient? Recently, there have been some doctors and scientist who have begun to explore and try to ...

The Correct Ways of Eating Fruits
By: Lv Hongyu
Nutritionists point out that, although people eat fruits every day, there are some errors they should pay attention to. And the most obvious one is ...

Deadly Bleach
By: Joseph Parish
We can all appreciate the value of common bleach when we need to sterilize something and want it done right. I can remember my mother ...

Diamond Microdermabrasion - Giving Your Client the Best the Market Can Offer
By: Sylvan Newby
Microdermabrasion is a facial care procedure that uncovers your clients' new skin. Thus, getting state of the art equipment is crucial. State of the art ...

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