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Cowboy Poem - A Look Into a Little Known Piece of the Old West
By: Art Saborio
Cowboy poetry was in high demand back in the old west. There was not much to do back then, so travels were made up of ...

Info 101 - Common Core State Standards and the Race to the Top
By: Carol Josel
After taking more than a year to develop and built on a foundation of previously established college- and career-readiness standards, the Common Core Standards have ...

Liven Up History - Use Timelines!
By: Daniella Toll
History is so much easier to understand when you can see it in context. When you read to a third grader, "The Magna Carta was ...

College Funds - System to Get Thousands of Dollars Even After Graduation
By: Floyd Graham
A perennial challenge which parents have is how to provide the college funds for their children. The challenge becomes more difficult each year with the ...

Saloon Cowboy - Interesting Facts About the Old West Saloon
By: Art Saborio
The saloon cowboy is depicted in both movies and books. It is the old west that made them the icon that they are today. Saloons ...

Cowboy Quote - 12 Old West Sayings Worth Remembering
By: Art Saborio
The old west was one of the most dangerous, labor intensive and colorful. Captured here are cowboy quotes passed down from generation to generation. Below ...

A Brief History of Toys
By: K. Paul Mallasch
Have you ever wondered about the first toy? Me too. For instance, was it a rock that someone started rolling on the ground? Or maybe ...

The Easy Ways to Convert Millimeters to Inches and Centimeters to Inches
By: Brian Jones Jr.
People need to know how to convert millimeters and centimeters to inches because in some places, the use of one unit of measurement is preferred ...

Selecting the Esthetics Program That Aligns With Your Career Goals
By: Billings Farnsworth
Article Summary: One of the foremost destinations for skiing, Utah's beauty and esthetics industry continues to keep pace with its tourism. As a natural result, ...

Rewarding Experience
By: Wilson Lampard
Most of the people are of the view that Landmark Forum is a series of lectures or a therapy. They are absolutely wrong...In-fact it is ...

Teachers, Kids' Behaviour Should Be on Your Terms, Not Theirs! See How You're Getting it Wrong!
By: Liz Marsden
Adults should set the terms when dealing with kids' behaviour... Ok, I know that sounds pretty obvious. Adults usually think they are setting the terms ...

Native American Tomahawks Throughout History
By: Craig Chambers
When you think of Native American movies, one of the most prevailing and memorable items used in combat is the tomahawk. They look as though ...

Inculcation of Humanity Through Knowledge and Education
By: Aymen Zaheer
"Read, in the name of thy Lord, who created man from a clot of blood, who taught man to write, which he knows not, read!" ...

How to Plan For Your Education
By: Val McQueen
The cost of education is rising in both the public and private spheres. Public education has gone up by 40% according to recent research. The ...

The Advantages of Home Schooling
By: Val McQueen
You've weighed your options, both pros and cons, and you've decided that home schooling is right for your family. It's a decision you are comfortable ...

College Admission Essays - Tips For YOU!
By: Brett Kincaide
Make YOUR college admission essay different and PERSONAL! Be honest with yourself and your readers. Let your character become part of the Essay and show ...

Understanding How a Distance Education Program Works
By: Felicia Cranston
Students had to attend classes at a university to get credit once upon a time. If you had a time conflict, or the university was ...

Hermes - The Messenger of Greek Gods
By: Kum Martin
Homer described Hermes as a thief, driver of cattle and harbinger of dreams, but according to Greek mythology, he was the son of Zeus and ...

Your First Time Looking For a Preparatory School? Here's a Checklist
By: Carmine Bailey
Are you looking for an independent preparatory school for the first time? If yes, you may need to consider a few things to make sure ...

Increase Your Chances of Getting a Rewarding Career With a High School Diploma
By: Finius Flanders
In order to complete the recommended high school diploma program, it usually takes about four years. The criteria in which one is considered eligible tend ...

"Free Access to Knowledge For All Those Who Seek to Acquire It" He Demanded
By: Lance Winslow
There are a lot of corporations that make a lot of money off information products. And there are a lot of companies which hold research ...

Flowers & Fruit of George Washington
By: David Bunch
Perhaps the symbolism of flowers and fruits had a special appeal for George Washington. He approved, and may even have selected them, as the decorative ...

Indicative of Victory & Honour
By: David Bunch
Flanking this symbol arc cornucopias overflowing with tropical fruits and golden coins. In the lowest section of the shield the Isthmus of Panama is depicted, ...

The Centaur - The Magical Beast of the Ancient World
By: Kum Martin
Greek mythology is filled with many magical beasts and creatures, and one such beast was the Centaur. This was a half man and half horse. ...

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