Monday, June 24, 2013

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Benefits of the Tai Chi Lifestyle
By: Rod Morin
Tai Chi is more than just a moving meditation. This article touches upon many of the benefits of starting a Tai Chi practice.

Benefits Gained by the Committed Tai Chi Player
By: Rod Morin
Tai Chi for those who are unfamiliar with this internal art is much more than a slow dance like movement that people 50+ enjoy. Tai ...

Tai Chi Is Meditation in Motion
By: Rod Morin
Tai Chi is known for its hypnotically slow movements but do you know why it is performed so slowly? There are a myriad of answers ...

The Spirit of Tai Chi
By: Rod Morin
Taiji (tai chi) literally translates into "Supreme Ultimate". Taiji is not the slow motion exercise practiced by millions world wide it is in fact a ...

How To Get Rid of Cellulite!
By: Fabiola Curavic
Kettlebells get rid of cellulite! This article explains the three main reasons why kettlebells work in targeting your cellulite and actually getting rid of it!

How The Shape of a Kettlebell Gets Rid of Cellulite
By: Fabiola Curavic
To get rid of your cellulite you need to use a kettlebell! This article will cover how the shape of a kettlebell is different from ...

Cruise Holidays: Importance of Having Sufficient Medical Supplies for Ships
By: Alexander B Samuel
Although many travelers choose to take a plane to get to their destination, there are still so many others who prefer going on a boat. ...

Effects of Hormonal Imbalances
By: Dr. Susan Tanner
Maintaining a healthy hormonal balance is very important to our overall physical and mental health. With a few simple tests, your doctor can evaluate your ...

Ways of Safeguarding Information Belonging To the Patient
By: Ricard D Knowles
The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) was introduced in 1996. The HIPAA software security was introduced to help prevent healthcare system scam. Furthermore, ...

Safe and High Quality Healthcare That Produces Financial Results
By: Ricard D Knowles
The National Medical Home summit has made big headlines in the past. There have been major announcement and breakthroughs because of this meeting. As a ...

Suffering From Bad Smelling Gas? It Could Be Lactose Intolerance
By: Rimas Sony
Have you ever noticed that milk has an inherently mild sweet taste? If you never had plain milk, you may not have noticed. Try plain ...

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