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How Much of an Issue Is Sickness Presence?
By: Nessie E Valtcheva
Sickness presence (also known as presenteeism) is a term used for when an employee attends work, even though judging their health as such means that ...

Strength As the Backbone of Your Vertical Jump
By: Ben Toolson
Being strong just makes things easier. In the above example if you were able to put 350 lbs of force into the ground then moving ...

10 Key Vertical Jump Performance Qualities
By: Ben Toolson
With that out of the way let's now quickly go over 10 key qualities that you'll be using and focusing on in the programs. Keep ...

Do I Have to Strength Train to Increase My Vertical Jump?
By: Ben Toolson
For those of you out there who are not keen on lifting weights and wonder if you have to strength train to improve your vertical ...

The DIEP Flap Reconstruction Procedure
By: Aloysius Aucoin
DIEP Flap reconstruction surgery can rebuild the breasts in a safe and natural way. This method uses skin and fat from the abdominal region to ...

Find a Good Pediatric Dentistry and Keep Everyone Happy
By: A Aaronson
No matter how old your children are, don't forget to take some time to choose a good pediatric dentistry for them to go to. This ...

What Is The Primary Purpose Of A Hearing Test
By: A Aaronson
A hearing test is an integral part of keeping yourself healthy. Anyone who is older or who works at a job where noise levels are ...

Choosing a Hospice Agency That You Can Trust
By: A Aaronson
Finding a hospice agency can be a heartbreaking experience. You will want one that you can trust, but you probably will not want to think ...

Stroke Center Treatments for Patients
By: Anna Woodward
This article is about the stroke center and the treatments that it offers. It explains what the different treatments that can be done for the ...

How Remedies for Constipation Work
By: Rimas Sony
We saw in one of the earlier article, there are three main reasons for constipation. The first reason for constipation is the food composition. If ...

How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery
By: A Aaronson
If you need to lose a lot of weight, it's time to consider bariatric surgery. These tips can help you feel prepared for the treatment ...

Mommy Makeover for Happier Mothers
By: A Aaronson
A mommy makeover is a great way for mothers to improve their appearance with little effort and time. You will be able to have your ...

Mini Facelift Specialist and Advice on the Recovery Period
By: A Aaronson
This article is about a cosmetic surgeon called a mini facelift specialist. It explains some of the surgeon's advice and tips on the recovery period ...

Cleaning and Maintenance of Surgical Instruments to Ensure Patient Safety
By: Rene CD Herzfeld
Cleaning and Maintenance of Surgical Instruments Surgical instruments must be cleaned and sterilized before they can be used. In terms of patient safety the cleanliness ...

Your Skin And The Aging Process
By: Faith Roberts
The environment can be very harsh on your skin. How you care for it makes a big difference to maintaining overall good health. Learning about ...

Snapping Hips: Causes and Treatment
By: Derick Ng
Snapping hip or dancer's hip is a medical condition resulting in a snapping sound whenever the hip is used such as running, walking, jumping or ...

Bodybuilding Supplements and Other Healthful Tips
By: Brendon I Boid
There are many ways which you can do that will not only make you fit but also healthy inside and out. It is important that ...

The Convenience of Tele-Health
By: Emily J Jayden
The article discusses the advantages of tele-medicine. It explains key advantages like cost and convenience. Tele-health gives access to specialist medical services to anyone, anywhere ...

Health Care Made Easy
By: Emily J Jayden
This article gives readers information on how service providers are making easy access to medical care a reality. Readers are given some information on the ...

Supplements - This Article May Change Your Life
By: David F Frank
Health supplements are widely advertised and we usually take it for granted that they are good for us. But this is not always the case. ...

Can You Tone and Strengthen Without a Gym?
By: Alecia James
Do you really need a gym or a personal trainer to achieve that chiseled, buff physique, complete with washboard abs, sculpted muscles, and a firm ...

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