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What Are the Warning Signs of Testicular Cancer?
By: Thomas Cappetta
Here are some of the symptoms of testicular cancer, which you could have noticed before you went to the doctor. You felt extremely tired with ...

Natural Cancer Therapies - Comparing Like With Like
By: Harriet Denz-Penhey
The media often deals harshly with a person who has cancer who turns down medical treatment, turns to natural cancer therapies and subsequently dies. The ...

Here's How to Prevent Some Common Kinds of Cancer
By: Seve Lea
About half a million people die of cancer each year in the United States. There are about 200 versions of this dreadful disease based on ...

Saying Chinese Herbs Cause Cancer Equals Bad Science
By: Jeanine Adinaro
Recent publicity has been given to a possible causal relationship between some Chinese herbs and urinary tract cancer. A careful review of the research suggests ...

Cancer is a Genetic Disorder of Somatic Cells
By: Dave Summers
A third of all people in the UK are affected by cancer. A quarter of all deaths is cancer related. Cancer is a genetic disorder ...

Lycopene and Cancer - Lean More About How Lycopene Rich Foods Can Help With Your Health
By: Ingrid Gillette
It has become common knowledge now that tomatoes are rich in lycopene. But what is it? It is the red pigment in tomatoes and some ...

Cancer - Suspicious Symptoms, Diagnostic Tests and Research
By: David A Crawford
Cancer is wild, unrestrained growth of cells. Some disturbance occurs which disrupts the balance of cells of different kinds in the body. The cells seem ...

Diagnosis of Cancer and Treatment
By: David A Crawford
Some of the methods that have been used for centuries are still valuable in detecting cancer, but modem medicine has developed many new techniques for ...

Food and Phytonutrients - The Key to Surviving Cancer
By: Alan Wighton
The way to survive cancer is to treat the root cause or causes of the problem rather than just treating the obvious immediate symptoms which ...

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