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Mile End London - A History
By: WM Penwith
We start our journey here in Mile End. The area takes its name from a milestone placed to mark the point one mile east of ...

Kids Behaving Badly and Teachers Teaching Badly!
By: Liz Marsden
I recently claimed that there are only two directions for children to follow when they have no clue what's going on in class. They often ...

Suffolk and the Tudors
By: Jonathan L Thomas
The people of Suffolk played a major role in Tudor politics. During the reign of Henry VIII, three influential Suffolk men played a significant role ...

What is an IQ Test?
By: Jamie Simpson
The goal of an IQ test is to obtain a person's intellectual potential, but how do they calculate it? And who came up with the ...

Globes Have Come a Long Way
By: Maxine Owens
What do you think of when you hear the word Globe? In the past if the word globe was to come up in conversation it ...

Classroom Management Tips - Dealing With Disruption
By: Rob Plevin
Whenever possible remind them of past successes and capabilities or start by offering the support/assistance. They are more likely to listen when you start with ...

Classroom Management Tips - Dealing With the Noisy Class
By: Rob Plevin
Here are four useful strategies to help deal with the class that just won't settle: 1. Allow some cooling off time of a few minutes ...

Classroom Management Tips - Students Not Bringing Equipment to Class
By: Rob Plevin
Here are some classroom management strategies to help deal with students who 'forget' to bring materials and equipment to class... 1. Offer to loan ...

Classroom Management Tips - Students Who Are Late
By: Rob Plevin
Students need to know that there is a clear rule in place with regard to punctuality. They need to know what the consequence is for ...

Teachers Mold the Future
By: Faizan Tahir
When planning to start a career as a teacher it is important that one look deep inside herself. She becomes attuned with the good, the ...

Crucial Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) Preparation
By: Jack Beatson
The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is used in many private and independent schools to judge the children that are admitted to their school. Obviously ...

How New Teachers Can Teach ESL Learners Effectively
By: Dorit Sasson
Professor Diane M. Barone is one of my favorite researchers when it comes to understanding how to cater effectively to English language learners. (ELLs) She ...

GCSE Maths - Get an A Grade Effortlessly in Your Exam
By: Luke Robert Redding
Anyone can get an A grade at GCSE maths if they prepare properly for a whole year or six months before the exam with these ...

Why You Should Have Regular Math Revisions
By: Luke Robert Redding
I believe that I am not the only one in this world who can say that I have problems solving math equations. Many will say ...

Checklist For Teaching Vocabulary For ESL Students
By: Dorit Sasson
With every vocabulary lesson, teachers need to question their teaching effectiveness - that is, will students understand the new vocabulary words. What is the main ...

A Checklist For New Teachers on How to Make Successful Interactive Decisions During a Lesson
By: Dorit Sasson
Teacher-learning contexts change and teachers' behavior must change accordingly. The basic problem for teachers, is, therefore, to acknowledge that there is no one best way ...

4 Prep Ideas For ISEE
By: Jack Beatson
The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is used by private and independent schools to judge the prospective pupils for their school. Some schools are so ...

How My Students Used Powerpoints Effectively
By: Dorit Sasson
In our global village, teachers are facing more and more obstacles, more extended choices and classroom situations that aren't dependent on one particular element of ...

First Steps on How to Cope With Cheating in the Classroom
By: Dorit Sasson
Several years ago I had given my tenth graders a quiz on some vocabulary words. Five minutes into the quiz, I became very wary and ...

Gem Mineral Collecting in Australia
By: Nuno Alex Lopes
Collecting gem minerals and ornamental minerals is attracting the interest of a growing number of Australians and in recent years has become something of a ...

Are Tutors Really Necessary to Prepare For the ISEE?
By: Jack Beatson
The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is undertaken by many children every year hoping to gain entry to their dream private or independent school. With ...

The Poop Question - What Happens After You Flush?
By: Ellen Bell
Have you ever wondered what happens to your poop after you flush the toilet? We've got the answer to this small mystery and a complete ...

A Brief History of the Origin of the Scottish Flag
By: Tom Sangers
There is a legend associated with the flag of Scotland's origin, and that legend is this: 832AD saw the Picts and the Scots battling the ...

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