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Teachers & Kids Abused - How? Why? Because Behaviour Management Training Isn't a Priority!
By: Liz Marsden
Hey, I've got a gripe! Not with you, but with the education system. Hmm! Those people who know me will be thinking, 'So, she's got ...

Does Law School Prepare You to Practice Law? Part 1
By: Jason Mark Anderman
Should you go to law school? Does it prepare you to practice law as an attorney? This article focuses on the current critique of law ...

How to Build a Roman Chariot
By: Duncan Drye
Is it a waste of life if we don't make our dreams come true? I believe so, which explains why I built a Roman Chariot, ...

Why Do We Teach?
By: Mike Waiksnis
A simple yet profound question. I have been an administrator for about 3 years now, so I distinctly remember leading my own class. I taught ...

Getting Parents Involved in Education
By: Mike Waiksnis
How do we get parents more involved in education? This article highlights ways for schools to get parents involved in their child's education.

The History of Binoculars
By: Gerald M Edwards
Binoculars are two telescopes that are held together side by side. The images from the two prismatic telescopes are aligned to create binocular vision. In ...

Get a Calculus Tutor Online
By: Avinash Blacksmith
Mathematics plays quite an important role in making up a student's career. It builds the foundation for all other sections of science. Mathematics is present ...

A School Less Ordinary
By: Rosalinda Martinez
"The seminary is also a school. But not a place for everybody. It is a place for those who are willing to serve God - ...

The Concept of Indigenous Educational Approach
By: Dr Benard Etta
Education is the preparatory process which enhances the development and deployment of human potential for efficient and effective productivity. The concept of indigenous educational approach ...

Evaluating Effective Teaching
By: Dr Benard Etta
Effective teaching should not be evaluated on student's ability to pass an exam, but on impact in the human development of students. In the past, ...

Film Schools and Their Benefits
By: Alex D Baker
From the "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral," to "Little Miss Sunshine," Phoenix, Arizona has long been one of the film industry's favorite locations for shooting ...

Broadcast School Benefits
By: Alex D Baker
Home to dozens of TV stations, as well as literally hundreds of radio stations, Arizona has a lot of the healthiest broadcast airwaves in the ...

How Making Kids Go to School Year Round Will Improve Society
By: Tim Radtke
If you compare other developed countries educational programs compared to the United States educational program it's not a secret that the United States is far ...

Why Learning the Proper Log Splitting Techniques Can Help Keep You Safe and Warm
By: Michael Hirsch
There are a few different ways that you can split logs and the amount of wood as well as your physical ability may determine which ...

Teaching in the Digital Age
By: Arnold Reed Henderson
Teaching in the digital age has become a seamlessly more fun and interactive way of teaching and helping students develop and understand a particular subject ...

3 Ways to Cheap Text Books
By: Tom Tessin
Textbooks are expensive in college, and we all know that. One of the worst things that you can do is actually purchase the textbooks from ...

Technology in Schools is of Ultimate Importance
By: Henry Jeon
Technology has changed the lives of all human beings. It has brought revolution to the way we communicate and the way we carry on with ...

Getting Into an Independent School in America
By: Jack Beatson
In America the competition to get into private schools can be fierce! Therefore the schools need a way to differentiate between the children applying and ...

The Unique Advantage of a Christian Boarding School For Troubled Kids
By: Brad Yomen
If you're considering a therapeutic boarding school for your struggling teen, you will want to carefully consider enrolling him or her in a Christian boarding ...

Interesting Facts About Bangladesh - From Geography to Local Idols
By: Alejandro Guevara Onofre
In late 2006, Muhammad Yunus, an economist, lived up to his reputation as one of the most respected Bangladeshis when he won the Nobel Prize ...

Fun Facts About Togo - From History to Sports!
By: Alejandro Guevara Onofre
Despite its difficult history - the country's sports system is one of the worst on Earth-- Togo, led by the direction of Otto Pfister, became ...

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