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Health Tips Make You Travel More Easily
By: Wentai Ke
Go outside and stay in a holiday resort for three or five days with your family. I do not know whether you will be interested ...

The Truths Based on Alternative and Complementary Medicine
By: Rudy Chong
Alternative or complementary medicine is an approach for treating disease, illness and medicine other than the common methods used by modern medicine as dispensed by ...

Bottled Water - Behind the Hype
By: Hamish Hayward
Bottled water is very popular these days. Is it really any better for you than plain old tap water? Is it any tastier? In short, ...

Health Care in the Home
By: Hugh Paik
If you are not overweight, it's great for you. This condition of overweight is associated with so many bad medical/health situations; heart disease, high blood ...

How to Jump Higher in 5 Basic Steps
By: Gene J Frazier
How to jump higher in 5 basic steps can be learnt only if you are a dedicated learner. You need to have patience and time ...

How to Increase Your Vertical in 60 Days
By: Gene J Frazier
Yes this is a very frequently asked question that how to increase your vertical in 60 days. You need to be very much dedicated and ...

Plyometrics - Can They Really Help Your Jumping?
By: Gene J Frazier
Plyometrics can really help your jumping is another frequently asked question. What this entire idea of Plyometrics is based on is the fact that you ...

Is the Brain a Muscle?
By: George Knoechel
There are a lot of people that enjoy learning about anatomy and there are also certain questions that come up again and again. One of ...

What Inspired Me to Enter a Fitness Competition
By: Robert Murgatroyd
Clint Eastwood taught me that when your life is comfortable, it is time to shake it up again. Last year I was feeling like I ...

Saline Sinus Rinses - What Good Are They?
By: Russell Faust, Ph.D. M.D.
I have been personally coping with allergic rhinitis from the age of 5 or 6, and with recurrent and chronic sinusitis for at least 20 ...

Preventing Knee Injury
By: C. Dillon
Tips for taking care of your knees. List of ways to prevent an knee injury.

Saline Sinus Rinses For Pediatric Sinusitis
By: Russell Faust, Ph.D. M.D.
Chronic sinusitis in children is especially challenging - difficult to properly diagnose because the symptoms can be so non-specific, and difficult to treat. If your ...

How to Stop Sweaty Armpits - Best Way to Stop Excessive Armpit Sweating
By: Ken R. Taylor
Having armpit sweating problems is frustrating. I know how it feels to have sweaty armpits. It drove me nuts. I thought something was wrong with ...

Natural Cures For Sinusitis
By: Greg Cordle
Sinusitis is an infection of the nasal cavities. It can cause a range of painful and irritating symptoms. Anyone suffering from a sinus infection is ...

What Exactly is Fucoxanthin?
By: Jon Alkire
Fucoxanthin is a word that's really getting around in nutritional circles. This article helps the reader understand what fucoxanthin is and where it comes from. ...

Finding Motivation to Get Yourself Fit
By: Max Ford
There is a lot of difference in wanting to be fit and being able to sustain your fitness regime. Exercising regularly for a long time ...

Blood Circulation - Varicose Veins
By: Betsy Powell
Proper blood circulation is the key to managing varicose veins. There are medications to improve your situation; however it is up to you to provide ...

It's ALL in Your Head! Motivation For Success in Health and Fitness
By: Ryan Fraser
Inspired by a gym conversation - the point was made that really all exercise, nutrition and health and fitness endeavours succeed or fail in one's ...

Heartburn - Could it Be a Hiatal Hernia?
By: Jared Wright
Heartburn is a common occurrence for millions of people world wide. Irritation to the esophagus due to the reflux of stomach acids, resulting from improper ...

Fruit Detox Diets
By: Diana David
What Are Fruit Detox Diets? Fruit Detox Diets are a great way to cleanse your body, to get rid of toxins in your body and ...

How to Decrease Body Inflammation
By: Audrey Alexander
When your body is in dire pain, its automatic reaction is by preventing the infection to basically spread in your body. This reaction or defense ...

The Use of the Human Appendix
By: Val McQueen
Homo sapiens are always evolving even as we speak. You don't feel it happening but rest assured it is an ongoing process. We all still ...

Yeast Infections - Not Just For the Ladies
By: Leona Marsh
Although most yeast infections are mild, recent evidence shows there is a deadly link between yeast infections and cancer. Yeast infections affect men and women, ...

How Long Can Samples Be Stored?
By: Paul James Harrison
In biological and medical research, a lot of samples are required for testing or analysis purpose. The important thing to keep in mind is that ...

Use it Or Lose It - Why Baby Boomers Should Brainercise 5 Minutes Daily
By: Valerie Mills
Is this you? Your memory is going (but you can't remember where). CRS (Can't Remember Stuff) is way too common.

Kidney Stones - 6 Tips For a Healthy Diet
By: Chris Lexau
Kidney stones are a problem of modern times civilisation, in times of hunger and lack of food they seem to be far less of a ...

Back Pain Basics - Four Common Reasons For Your Pain
By: Danny Jobes
Do you know what is causing your back pain? Use this article to narrow it down to one of these 4 common lower back pain ...

Preparedness - The Importance of Having Emergency Medical Supplies
By: Mark Etinger
In the event of a disaster, whether it is natural or caused by man, being having the right tools to handle the situation can be ...

It's Important to Know the Difference Between a Sinus Migraine and a Normal Migraine
By: Christopher R. Taylor
Often times people have a sinus migraine and think that what they have is an ordinary migraine. The first thing these people tend to do ...

The Little Known Lice Cure Called Lice Tea Tree Shampoo
By: Christopher R. Thomas
I don't know about you, but all it takes for my head to start itching is the thought of lice. My fiance thinks it's funny, ...

Is Your Urine Color Warning You?
By: Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Every now and then a patient will tell me that their urine looks "funny" sometimes. When I ask them what they mean by that, they ...

ADHD Chair - A New Look at Rocking Chair Therapy
By: Brandy Cherokee
In the past the treatment of ADHD and ADD has been pretty advanced. It has involved specialized medicine and various types of physical therapy. But ...

How to Gain Height at Home - Tips to Help You Grow Naturally
By: Hunter Elliott
Learning how to gain height at home can help you grow a little taller regardless of how old you are. The body is an amazing ...

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