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25 Ways to Maximize Student Interaction in Class
By: Karl Johnson
Do you know the movie Blackboard jungle. That movies just popped into my head. It is an old black and white movie circa the 1950s. ...

How to Choose Between Montessori, Progressive, Traditional, Waldorf, Or Reggio Emilia Preschools
By: Karen N. Quinn
When choosing a preschool for your child, you will want to understand the various philosophies of early childhood education that various schools follow. The most ...

How to Improve Discipline in Your Public High School Classroom
By: Matthew Amaral
Are you a new high school teacher having problems with discipline in you classroom? I know that some days I feel more like a security ...

How to Make Your Children Learn Math Faster and Have More Fun!
By: Edward Parry
Getting children to learn maths can often be a hard and tiring process. Many schools teach children the same and boring ways which means children ...

Top 10 Least Effective Teaching Methods
By: Derek Logan
Teaching is tough enough. However, if you really want to make it hard on yourself and turn off your students, try one of these.

Competitive Exams - Crossing the Exam Hurdle
By: Adarsh Sharma
If you have cleared your schooling or graduation and you are looking forward to make a nice career in Engineering, Medical, Army or a similar ...

Importance of Using Sound to Spell Better
By: David Donahoo
You use several of your senses for spelling. Depending on the order you use these, will depend on how well you spell. Read on to ...

Keep Your Child Learning Over the Summer
By: Ryan Coisson
Summer is coming up soon, and that means that your children will be on break for a couple of months from school. Summer vacation is ...

Fire - Our Friend and Ally
By: Maria Shivers
Fire is a beautiful natural event which has been venerated as well as enslaved throughout its history with man. This phenomenon is one of the ...

Is Education For Youth Only?
By: Anna Peacocks
Much has been known that education is not catered to the youth only. Many retirees or elderly people are looking towards education as an asset. ...

Math Games in an Educational Context (Part 1 of 3)
By: Paul E West
As a pupil at an English prep school in the 1970s, the curriculum was surprisingly predictable. English, Maths, Science, History and Geography were interspersed with ...

Math Games in an Educational Context (Part 2 of 3)
By: Paul E West
One of the features of math problems that children find engaging is that the emphasis is not on producing the correct solution, but on the ...

Math Games in an Educational Context (Part 3 of 3)
By: Paul E West
The type of math problems that can be solved using a logical, mathematical or practical approach are undoubtedly fun and engaging for certain children, but ...

Disadvantages of an Examination Oriented Education System
By: Anna Peacocks
Although kids may appear to be jumping and laughing all day, they also face the threat of stress. This can come from many sources be ...

Today's Education
By: Anna Peacocks
What is education? Education is a process of learning new skills, knowledge and values. Education starts when we are still a baby in our mothers' ...

7 Sides to the Atlantis Quest
By: R Carl Martin
Investigating the myth of Atlantis is perhaps one of the more complex endeavors known to man. Recent discoveries show that Plato's old story may still ...

Is High School Education Enough Or Do We Need More Than That?
By: Anna Peacocks
Nowadays, diploma is considered equal as high school exams whereas having a degree is like a norm. Things are not the same as the 19th ...

How To Educate Your Child to Succeed
By: Roy J Derrick
Can simple tasks that we do with our children when they are young help them to succeed later in their lives? Here are some activities ...

The Importance of Teaching Programs For Arts and Athletics in Today's Education
By: Cindy Knott
Teaching programs for arts and athletics is an integral part of properly educating today's youth. The importance of teaching art and athletics is often overlooked ...

E-Learning Online Courses - Using Fonts Effectively
By: Don Robert
Fonts are important visual design elements that have the power to grab audience members on a deeper level and at the same time reinforce the ...

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